A Beginner's Guide to the MCMI-III

by Dan Jankowski

foreword by Theodore Millon


Publisher: APA Books 

(ISBN: 1-557-98843-9, hardbound, 221 pp.)




The MCMI-III is the foremost personality assessment instrument in use today and has quickly become the instrument of choice among clinicians evaluating psychiatric patients. A Beginner's Guide to the MCMI-III provides an excellent introduction to the instrument and teaches readers how to master the fundamentals of its use. This guide features:

  • a straightforward explanation of Millon's theory of personality
  • comprehensive coverage of MCMI-III's composition, including guidance on administering and scoring the inventory
  • detailed descriptions of clinical personality patterns and personality disorders
  • guidelines and tips for writing complete and accurate psychological profiles
  • practice cases and review exercises to test your understanding

From the foreword by Theodore Millon, PhD, D.Sc.:

What a welcome idea, a brief and intelligently organized instructional text. Following a logical sequence of subject areas, Dr. Jankowski establishes a solid foundation for students by setting down the essentials of the test's guiding theory, then provides a thoughtful articulation of the structure and composition of the inventory; both have been done in a graceful and illuminating writing style, easily understood by students with minimal prior preparation. The numerous case illustrations, elf-testing exercises, and practical steps that Dr. Jankowski provides the students throughout the test and its appendices make this "brief" beginner's primer a superb addition, one that will find a valuable niche in the well-established and growing body of books on the MCMI.





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