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The Oxford Textbook of Psychopathology

edited by Theodore Millon, Paul Blaney, and Roger D. Davis


published  by Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0-19-510307-6






The Oxford Textbook of Psychopathology is intended to serve both as a textbook in graduate courses in adult psychopathology and as a resource for professionals in mental health. Most chapters focus on specific diagnostic categories or groupings commonly seen by professionals, and are written by specialists in the field. Considerable attention is given to the personality disorders. The emphasis throughout the book is upon psychopathology per se, namely the theory, history, and description of the diagnostic syndromes included.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1
by Roger K. Blashfield and W. John Livesley

Chapter 2
by Theodore Millon and Roger D. Davis

Chapter 3
Research Strategies for Studying Psychopathology
by Michael L. Raulin and Scott O. Lilienfeld


Chapter 4
Anxiety Disorders: Panic and Phobias
by Brian J. Cox and Steven Taylor

Chapter 5
Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
by Timothy A. Brown

Chapter 6
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
by Richard J. McNally

Chapter 7
Affective Disorders: Biological Aspects
by Robert H. Howland and Michael E. Thase

Chapter 8
Affective Disorders: Social and Cognitive Aspects
by Rick E. Ingram, Walter Scott, and Greg Siegle

Chapter 9
Substance Abuse: Diagnosis, Comorbidity, and Psychopathology
by Peter E. Nathan, Anne Helene Skinstad, and James W. Langenbucher

Chapter 10
Substance Abuse: Etiological Considerations
by R.O. Pihl

Chapter 11
Schizophrenia : Etiology and Neurocognition
by Barbara A. Cornblatt, Michael F.Green, and Elaine F. Walker

Chapter 12
Interpersonal Functioning in Schizophrenia
by Jill M. Hooley and Steven F. Candela


Chapter 13
Eating Disorders: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa
by Howard Steiger and Jean R. Séguin

Chapter 14
Sleep-Wake Disorders
by Charles M. Morin and Jack D. Edinger

Chapter 15
Sexual Disorders and Dysfunctions
by Daniel N. Weiner and Raymond C. Rosen

Chapter 16
Somatoform Disorders
by Theo K. Bouman, Georg H. Eifert, and Carl Lejeuz

Chapter 17
Dissociative Disorders
by Colin A. Ross


Chapter 18
Personality Disorders: Conceptual Models
Roger D. Davis and Theodore Millon

Chapter 19
Schizoid and Avoidant Personality Disorders
by David Bernstein and Laura Travaglini

Chapter 20
Dependent and Histrionic Personality Disorders
by Robert F. Bornstein

Chapter 21
Antisocial Personality Disorders
by Robert Hare

Chapter 22
Obsessive-Compulsive and Negativistic Personality Disorders
by Joseph T. McCann

Chapter 23
Schizotypic Psychopathology: Theory, Evidence, and Future Directions
by Mark F. Lenzenweger

Chapter 24
Borderline Personality Disorder
by Joel Paris

Chapter 25
Depressive and Self-Defeating (Masochistic) Personality Disorders
by Daniel N. Klein and Carina Vocisano

Chapter 26
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
by Elsa Ronningstam





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