Theories of Personality: Contemporary Approaches to the Science of Personality

by Jeffrey J. Magnavita


Publisher: Wiley 

(ISBN: 0-471-37890-9, hardcover, 501 pp.)




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Balanced and Comprehensive Coverage of Modern Theories of Personality

Over the last two decades, the study of personality has grown and expanded at a rapid rate. The era of "contemporary" personality theory has been ushered in--fueled in the last quarter of the twentieth century by advances in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, genetics, psychopathology, computer technology, and neuroscience.

Jeffrey Magnavita, one of the leading new scholars in the field of personality theory, offers a rich and balanced text on the evolution of personality theory. Students travel through the historical underpinnings of personality theory beginning with the early Greek theoretical models, which are followed by the later nineteenth-century attempts at establishing scientific psychology.

Magnavita highlights the genesis of modern scientific personality theory that started with Freud and progressed through the work of Freud's disciples and the controversy they sparked. This sets the stage for the primary focus of the text--illustrating the contemporary, interdisciplinary approach to personality theory through the analysis of seven major contemporary models of personality... Each chapter covering these seven models begins with a review of the main historical figures, followed by a presentation of the current theory. The philosophical foundations and assumptions; notions of normal vs. abnormal; assessment strategies and tools; ways cultural and gender differences are understood; strengths and limitations; and applications of each model are offered. The final section covers model applications, continuing research, and future directions of the field--providing students an active sense of evolution and process that makes this a unique and current learning tool.


About the Author: Jeffrey J. Magnavita, PhD, ABPP, teaches at the University of Hartford, West Hartford, Connecticut, and is Director of the Connecticut Center for Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy at the Glastonbury Medical Arts Center, Glastonbury, Connecticut. His other books include Relational Therapy for Personality Disorders (Wiley) and Restructuring Personality Disorders.




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