Exuberant/Hypomanic Personality



Functional (F) and Structural (S) Domains


(F) Expressively Impetuous (e.g., forcefully energetic and driven, highly excitable and overzealous; generally restless and socially intrusive; worked up, unrestrained and rash).

(F) Interpersonally Spirited (e.g., unremittingly full of life and socially buoyant; often persistently overbearing, forcefully engaging others in an animated, vivacious and insistent manner).

(F) Scattered Cognitive Style (e.g., intense and transient emotion, disorganized thoughts; expresses a chaotic hodgepodge of miscellaneous beliefs randomly with no logic or meaning).

(S) Energetic Self-Image (e.g., sees self full of vim and vigor, a dynamic force, invariably hardy and robust, a tireless and active person whose energy galvanizes others).

(S) Piecemeal Object-Relations (e.g., inner representations are dissipated, a jumble of diluted and muddled recollections that are recalled in momentary fits and starts).

(F) Magnification Regulatory Mechanism (e.g., engages in hyperbole, overstating and overemphasizing ordinary matters so as to elevate their importance, especially those enhancing self).

(S) Fleeting Morphological Organization (e.g., internal structures are highly transient, existing in momentary forms that are cluttered and disarranged; there is a paucity of established controls).

(S) Mercurial Mood-Temperament (e.g., is volatile and quicksilverish, often unduly ebullient, charged up and irrepressible; has penchant for momentary excitement).




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